Immune Protection and COVID-19

Breaking out of the fear cycle.  

As much uncertainty as this pandemic is bringing, we can’t let fear take over our lives because this will cause our natural defenses to break down. We know that our state of health and the strength of our immune system plays a major role in fighting and processing the virus.

It seems difficult to stop fear when we can sense it all around us, and no matter how we try to calm our minds, it comes back at us.

So how do we come out of this fear cycle?
We need a clearer understanding of how stress is going from our minds into our bodies because then we can have more power to stop it. Setting up healthy boundaries and resetting priorities is something most of us have to learn when facing tragic news, as we are naturally empathic to the pain of others. However, we cannot empathize to the extent that we become depressed and collapse. Our priority is to protect ourselves. Our minds can only handle a certain amount of negative thoughts without becoming depressed and anxious. Therefore, it is now crucial to learn how to shield ourselves by watching the news selectively for our information and our benefit.

In this timeless quarantine, we also have to maintain a planned routine with active online activities and daily movement so we can stay healthy and productive. It may take more discipline at first to engage in online fitness and courses. Still, we will eventually adjust and adapt to transient conditions and enjoy all the opportunities the internet is providing.

To better understand how stress affects the body and especially the immune system, I am now inviting you to step out of the internet and social media and to pay attention to your health in ways you may not have before.

Just stop anything you are doing at this moment and let’s think about your incredible body that breathes for you since the minute you came to life. Acknowledge your heart, which beats night and day to bring oxygen to your organs so you can move, think and digest. There is usually no reason to look at these processes closer unless something is bothering you, in which case your doctor may order an X-ray, Ultrasound, or MRI. Since medical care and access to X-ray are now limited, we need to somehow diagnose and treat ourselves at home for the time being. It is a perfect time to develop a new skill, using our minds to explore what is happening inside our body.

How stress impacts your immune system

Let’s look closely at our very well-organized immune system. There is a whole microscopic world within us that is incredibly well organized. Our immune system is made of cells and chemicals that interact with each other to prevent us from getting sick.

“We have a powerful army of white blood cells here to do the job of attacking microbes, or any foreign invader that dares to enter our body. Those cells have descriptive names such as Killer cells, Helper cells, or Macrophages (big-eaters). They literally go to war with any organism that gets into the body they don’t recognize. They take it away through a very organized intervention, kill it and swallow it.” – Excerpt from The Health Threshold.

When our bodies are well balanced, those white cells receive the right signals to operate as our line of defense. Stress is a significant disruptor to this equilibrium because it makes our white blood cells less active.

Stress starts in our mind and initiates a chemical process in our brain that triggers an excess of the hormone called Cortisol in the blood. This is what causes our white blood cells to be less responsive. It makes us more vulnerable to the virus and less capable of clearing it. Cortisol is at the source of many health issues, and stress-induced. Knowledge is power, and just by becoming aware that stress causes high Cortisol, which is bad for you, it empowers your mind to control your reaction to stress better.



Since the outbreak of  the Coronavirus, there has been an overflow of information and products to build and improve immunity.

Supplements don’t act like medications. We take vitamins to replenish what is missing in the body so it can function well. We don’t stop disease with a substance; we regenerate a balance that helps us fight disease.

With this in mind, we can understand that immunity is not something we acquire by taking a handful of vitamins for a short time. Today our foods are much lower in nutrients than they were for our parents and grandparents. For this reason, I believe in taking at least a few major supplements regularly to maintain health. However, when we have an active lifestyle, especially intense physical exercise, or when we have a lot of stress, our bodies become more depleted, and it becomes crucial to have a good regimen of supplements.

So what can you do to optimize nutrition during this pandemic?

Remember that balance is what your body and mind need to protect you best from this virus. Supplements are additions to our diet; they complement what we don’t find enough of in foods.

What you put on your plate is still the priority. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not only a source of Vitamin C; they help the body detoxify and stay in a lower inflammation state. If you were already on a vitamin regimen, it’s not a time to stop it. If you are just starting to take supplements now to protect your immune system, start with “Maintenance doses”. It is not how much of the nutrients go into your body; it’s how much you are absorbing into your cells. Absorption depends on your digestive system, which is highly sensitive to stress.
One reason our immune system becomes weaker with stress is that we tend not to absorb nutrients well. Stress causes an imbalance of bacteria that leads to a “leaky gut,” and it doesn’t do its job at bringing the nutrients into the cells. We also want our cells to utilize the nutrients efficiently so we can derive energy from foods and supplements.

Maintaining our “Life Force”

Breathing well optimizes all the processes in our body, including nutrient absorption. When you practice breath work, you find you need lower doses of everything, including hormones and medications. Our Life Force is our vitality, our energy. The way we breathe plays a major role in our energy levels because it influences every function in our body. A well-oxygenated body is less likely to be tired or sick.

The Coronavirus targets the lungs, our breathing organs, the place where the exchange of oxygen occurs, and where life starts. It is very important to take care of our lungs and not smoke. As we are indoors with heaters and air conditioners that dry up our airways, we need to support our lungs even more.

In our modern society, we already breathe faster and more superficially than we should, paying little to no attention to our breath. We are not aware that the deeper and longer our breaths are, the stronger our breathing capacity, our life force, our health.

When we are in fear, our breathing pattern becomes even more disrupted, causing less oxygen to circulate through our organs. We may have more pain, our brain might become foggy, and our anxiety can worsen.

The benefits of a breath work practice are numerous, and we often underestimate our breathing capacity. We have small chest muscles that need to stay flexible to expand our thoracic cage so we can take deep breaths and support our lungs. There are skilled ways of doing this that have been practiced for a long time, and I encourage you to come practice with me in my videos on social media Facebook and Instagram /drevelyneleone

Fighting Depression and Finding Inner Joy

Our body is an incredibly well programed factory. Isn’t it amazing to think that we are made of trillions of cells that work all together to keep us alive even when we are asleep?

Every cell in the body is regulated by hormones and neurotransmitters. When hormones function in perfect harmony, we are healthy and full of energy.

When neurotransmitters, which control our nervous system, are released in optimal amounts in our nervous system, we feel uplifted, and we respond better to the events and the people around us.

However this equilibrium can be threatened by stress, environmental factors, illness, and by the aging process.

When the balance of hormones and neurotransmitters goes, so does our ability to generate energy, and we start feeling anxious, tired, overwhelmed, and not as motivated. We are falling in the so called state of “depression”.

It has become such a common diagnosis that we see younger and younger people taking anti depressants, which don’t necessarily work and have a whole range of side effects.

So instead of taking a pill for symptoms that are caused by an imbalance in the body, why not use natural ways to prevent it and fix it?

There are ways to regenerate and sustain a state of joy that is not dependent on the events and the people in our lives, and certainly not on a pill.

The first thing we need to look at is our hormonal balance. Both men and women can be affected by too low or too high levels of hormones, and develop all sorts of symptoms, from fatigue, weight gain, to “brain fog”. Hormones are not only affecting sexual function and fertility, even our brain cells need estrogen (for women), and testosterone (for men) to function properly.

We also are very dependent on Thyroid hormone, as this is the primary hormone that drives our metabolism. An epidemic of thyroid dysfunction has been occurring in the past few years; whether it is related to toxins in the environment or stress is unclear, but it is very important to make sure thyroid hormone is properly balanced.

Neurotransmitter imbalance is rarely a physical cause. It can happen, and of course needs to be ruled out, but most often our mind is at the source of the issue.

The imbalance in the body is often caused by an imbalance in the mind. 

As much as the body is an amazing factory that we can understand through medical testing, the mind is an abstract place that is not as easy to interpret and manage. Trying to control it with medications that acts on brain chemistry is not the optimal answer. We have to gain power over our own thinking processes, so we don’t become victims of our own thoughts.

Good thoughts result in good feelings, and good feelings create good health.

The one thing that can be of tremendous help to us in controlling our mind is our breathing. We go through the day without paying any attention to the way we breathe, when we can actually use it to our utmost benefit.

It’s much easier to generate good thoughts when we able to take full deep breaths.

When we are mentally stressed, we breathe more superficially, and we deprive our body from oxygen. This, in turn, offsets the release and circulation of hormones and neurotransmitters in our system, and over time it can lead to the burn out symptoms of depression.

We need to re-learn how to breathe in ways that serve us best, and use our breath to calm our overactive, overstimulated mind. When we are in a calmer, less reactive state, we are also less vulnerable to illness.

Join us at the Institute of Conscious Health where the newest advances in Medicine and Mindfulness meet to provide you with the best healing and regenerative tools.

Your Health in 2017

We can’t ignore that the world is evolving at a very fast pace with the incredible advances in online technology and worldwide expanded communication. The way we relate to healthcare is also part of this continuous shift, and it is changing the practice of medicine. As a patient, you have become more informed about your health options through online access to the multiple sources of shared knowledge. You are now coming to ask your doctors for guidance and support in making the best decisions after having explored and inquired about the recommendations you have found online or heard of. You have taken the lead by asking for your right to be offered choices and your right to choose. At the same time, many physicians have started questioning and transforming conventional ways of addressing health, and exploring other forms of healing that could be less invasive and harmless to their patients.

This shift in medicine is called “a new paradigm”, but it is really bringing together the different healing modalities that have already been practiced, sometimes for thousands of years, in different traditions and places. Anti Aging physicians are just putting together the pieces of a gigantic puzzle to create one integrated medical world where all options can co-exist.

Not every illness can be treated as an emergency with pharmaceuticals and surgery, as they cannot stop the increasing epidemic of chronic diseases. There are certainly instances where only one conventional treatment works, such as an antibiotic for an infection, or a shot of Epinephrine for a life threatening allergic reaction. However if you are dealing with a chronic issue, or trying to prevent an illness, you want a treatment that can provide lasting results.

In the midst of healthcare system changes, you will be looking for the least harmful alternative treatment. You are aware that your health is precious, and that you are in charge of it. You won’t want to take a medication with potential side effects unless you have no other option. You will also want to be more informed on how to live longer and healthier lives, and become more educated about all the new supplements and products on the market. You will need to know which ones are right for you instead of spending money on vitamins and nutrients you don’t need. More importantly, you will pay more attention to the effects of stress on your health, and learn more on how to have better control on the connection between mind and body. At Evergreen Medicine, we have integrated yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic medicine in addition to Bio-identical hormone replacement and supplements to offer you the experience of this integrated medical world.

Along with the different approaches in diagnostic and treatment, comes a whole new practical way to make medical appointments and keep up with your personal medical information. We have an automated online system that allows you to book your appointments and access your patient portal with detailed medical questionnaires, recommendations, and test results. We also offer secured online appointments so you can take care of your health in the fastest convenient way.

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How Do We Work With Patients

When I welcome patients in my practice,  it is as much a priority to help them feel happy is it is to make them healthy.

I was a patient before I became a doctor. I know how much stress a health issue can put on your life, and how vulnerable you feel when you are given a diagnosis. I understand how frustrating it is when your doctor can’t find out in your tests why you are still not feeling well after taking all your meds. What I realized while going through my personal experience as a patient is the importance of selecting a medical provider who can take the time to really hear you and to evaluate your health in all its aspects.

I am here to do much more for you than giving you a diagnosis and writing a prescription. I want to provide you with the best advice and the most up-to-date treatments, while sharing my knowledge and teaching you how YOU can achieve and maintain an optimal state of health. By optimal I mean, not just what shows on lab and test results, but essentially what makes you feel good in your own body and mind, what prevents you from getting sick and aging prematurely.

The great benefit of working on optimal health, rather than attending medical issues when they arise, is that it gives you more power over your own health, and over your life as a whole.

As I am both a conventionally trained physician and an Anti Aging and Functional medicine doctor, my patients appreciate that I can offer them an approach that combines both perspectives, the traditional and the holistic. For years, I have been working on the connection between body and mind, whether through my deep interest in Neurology and Psychology, or the many meditation and yoga practices I have engaged and certified in. So what does this mean it terms of the type of medical care I deliver to my patients, and how will it make a difference in your life?



The first thing I want you to know is that each patient who comes into my practice is treated as unique. I do not believe in having a protocol that applies to all, rather in giving patients the standard of care that they deserve by focusing on who they really are. This is where “Conscious Health” starts. In order to help you reach your goals in becoming healthy and reversing the aging process, I need to know everything about you.

Each person comes in with a different body type and genetic makeup; each person has a different medical history and life experience. More importantly, each person has a unique mindset. All these factors not only indicate what is the best way to treat patients, but also how they are going to respond to a treatment or even to nutrition and exercise. For instance, many patients present with the same complaint of fatigue, and as many causes can be found for this one symptom. My role is to pinpoint what has offset the balance in your body and to address it efficiently. It can originate from a physical issue that can be detected on more specific testing than general labs, or it can come from a stressed mind which needs to be examined with equal attention.



Lab work and medical tests represent the “objective” scientific way of finding out about your health.
Most often, in conventional medicine, we use general lab work and testing which is primarily meant to target the main diseases that require immediate intervention. They are sufficient tools for emergency medicine, but not to help diagnose and treat chronic diseases, or certain symptoms like fatigue, headaches, weight issues, sleep disturbances, abdominal discomfort etc…

However there are certain values on these basic labs that are not commonly addressed in a regular medical practice, but play a significant role in balancing your physiology, improving your health, and preventing disease. In order to get to the root of your health issue, I often run more advanced labs and non invasive tests. Functional medicine offers many different new labs, but it’s important to know which ones offer the most reliable results and are the most indicated for you.

The other way to find out about your health, which is equally as important, is based on the “subjective” symptoms that you are reporting. Whatever complaint you have is a problem that needs a solution. When your body or your mind is out of balance, all sorts of symptoms can arise. When you consult with me, I look for any nutrient or hormonal deficiency or excess, analyze your stress levels, and evaluate the food and environmental toxins, as well the thoughts and unconscious mind processes that can affect your physical and mental health.



We find out more every day that stress is responsible for most life threatening illnesses and the wide range of emerging chronic diseases. So what can we do about this contemporary epidemic? The focus has been mainly on identifying the causes of stress and trying to control them. While this is very helpful, supporting this effort with an engaging stress-relieving practice and building physical and mental stress resistance are key. I highly encourage patients to have a daily practice that brings them to a state of relaxation for at least 20 minutes, along with a form of exercise that distracts their minds from their concerns and to-do lists. This should be part of any medical treatment as it has shown to slow down disease and prevent aging. How do you build stress resistance? In other words, how do you become strong enough to handle the unavoidable stressors in your life?

Again, when your body and your mind are balanced, you are in a less reactive state and as a result you are less vulnerable to illness. Among the modalities I use to evaluate and improve stress resistance, breathing plays a very important role. We hold our breath all together, or breathe more superficially when we are stressed, and we should know that deep breathing is essential to good health. We need to re-learn how to breathe, and use our breath as a powerful healing, disease-preventive, and anti-aging tool.

In my next blog, I will talk more about invigorating breathing you can practice everyday for vibrant health.



Knowing that all your hormones start declining after the age of 35, that your ability to process and utilize nutrients decreases with illness, age, and stress, it is important to replenish and support the body so it can work as it is supposed to.

No matter how old you are, you want to feel energized throughout the day, have clear positive thoughts, and be free from pain and anxiety. This is the gateway to create more joy in your life.

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The 3 Key Players in your Health

What do you need to know and what steps do you have to take to become free from pain, fatigue, discomfort, and worry? What will it take for you to feel good and energized at all times?

We live in times of major shifts. Our technology based world is evolving at a very fast pace causing increasing demands on us. Every day we receive more emails, more social media material, more text messages, and we feel that we may miss out on something important if we don’t open or answer them. This new configuration of the world is putting huge amounts of stress on us which is so detrimental to our health.

You may feel that you are lacking energy or focus to respond to all the demands you are facing, that you are restless, or even upset. The duration and quality of your sleep may be altered; you may be unable to loose weight despite all your efforts; you may experience headaches, joint pain, back pain, or abdominal discomfort…

This is your body calling for attention, telling you it needs some intervention, and warning you to take action so you can protect yourself from illness.

So what do we do when our environment changes and put stress on us?

We evolve and adapt. History clearly shows that we have been capable of adapting to the changing conditions we have been confronted with. However, the mutations we experienced in history occurred gradually over long periods of time. Today we are called to evolve much faster, and find new tools to transform our genes to build physical and mental stress resistance.

At Evergreen Medicine, we developed a model which incorporates these new tools that you need today so your body can not only adapt, but thrive in our stressful environment.


First, let’s acknowledge that your body is remarkably intelligent. Can you become aware for a minute of your heart beating relentlessly and your lungs expanding and deflating with each breath to keep you alive? What about your brain creating connections between neurons so you can read this blog now?

All these functions are kept under perfect control and timing all day, and even when we sleep. When we are in a state of balance, it all flows like a harmonious symphony.

What happens when you are becoming stressed? The flow of the symphony is disrupted and it results in IMBALANCE.

Stress interferes with your perfectly programmed factory. It may start pulling on nutrient reserves, or decrease hormone production, or it may send you a message that it’s not ok to fall asleep, to process food into energy, or to breathe deeply. All these lead to inflammation which in turn causes fatigue, pain, weight gain, and illness.


There are 3 key players in your health:

Your Body

Your Brain

Your Heart

Imbalance in one of them causes imbalance in the other, therefore we need to address all 3 of them TOGETHER.

Your Mind and Body are connected; what you think directly affects your body and how you feel affects your thoughts. Your mind has a huge impact on your physical health; not only can it keep you from disease, it can also highly contribute to the healing process.

When your mind is balanced, it supports your health rather than attacking it.

It is the same for your heart, the seat of your emotions.

Your Mind, Body, and Heart are interconnected. Your heart has the power to fuel your mind with positive thoughts, which in turn will support your physical health.

We can directly see the physiological effects of stress on the heart. Too much anxiety in the mind accelerate your heart rate, or even causes chest pain. It’s very common to see people ending up in the emergency room with chest pain thinking they are having a heart attack, when they are experiencing stress.

You want to better control your health and give yourself the chance to stay away from disease.

Our programs at Evergreen Medicine create the balance between these 3 key players, and aim to provide fast and lasting results towards Vibrant Health.

Feeling healthy and happy is a life priority. Don’t delay your health anymore. Although it’s never too late to start, you want to become energized and have a better life starting now.

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Preventing High Blood Sugars and Diabetes with Anti Aging Medicine

Have you been told by your doctor that your blood sugars were above average? Did that come to a surprise to you, and are you worried about having to go on a medication to prevent Diabetes?

If so, you are among the many people in our country who are now being diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes. This means that you cannot safely go on anymore without doing anything about it. Diabetes has become a real concern in our country, and indeed it is not a mild diagnosis. The disease itself may go unnoticed at first, or manifest just with signs of fatigue, but eventually it can cause irreversible complications and put you at high risk for infections and cardiovascular disease.

Until we started witnessing the rampant epidemic in Diabetes, a fasting blood sugar under 126 was acceptable. Now your doctor will diagnose you with Pre-Diabetes if your levels are100 and above, and likely will start you on a glucose lowering pill.

In Anti Aging Medicine, we work with optimal levels and we have known for years that blood sugars under 90 are more protective and can be reached without using drugs which eventually, if not immediately, lead to side effects.

The first intervention in treating our patients, is identifying the cause of the problem. It can be a long standing issue or just a transient state of unbalance. Rather than giving you a diagnosis, and a drug, the first thing we need to do is find out why you have high blood sugars. You may not be doing anything different than you were doing before, but suddenly you are told that your glucose blood levels have increased.

What does it mean to have high sugar levels in your blood?

When we eat carbs, and most foods do contain carbs, our digestive system processes them and sends the glucose (sugar) from the carbs into the bloodstream. The sugars circulating in the blood are then meant to be picked up by cells and used as energy for the body. However, when there are too many molecules of sugar, the cells become saturated and don’t work as efficiently anymore. So the sugar stays in the blood and travels to your organs where it can do some potential damage.

What causes this rise in Pre-Diabetes and what can you do about it?

Unless you have a disease that contributes to Diabetes, or you are taking medications that raise blood sugars, the 3 most likely causes are:

– Food
– Stress
– Lack of exercise.

As simple as it sounds, you need to be educated about what foods are causing the problem, about what stress really is and how it affects your blood sugars, and about the kind of exercise you personally need.
Adopting the appropriate lifestyle can make a major difference in your health. The advantage of lifestyle modifications is that they can reverse disease, contrary to ingesting a pill which may only temporarily keep it under control.

Your first step is to eliminate the high carb containing foods.

I trust that, if you have elevated blood sugars, you already have “cut down your sweets”. You have stopped eating cookies and ice cream, and you are drinking your coffee without sugar. Although this is the place to start, this may not be enough.

When it come to foods that increase blood sugars, you probably know that anything that contains High Fructose Corn syrup needs to be avoided. You may also be reading the labels looking for hidden sugars in processed foods, which can be time consuming and overwhelming. Ideally you want to avoid processed foods as much as possible as they all contain toxic preservatives.

You also need to be aware that Gluten, the component of flour used to make bread and pasta, is playing a main role in the Diabetic epidemic.

You may have heard about an increase incidence of Gluten intolerance and Celiac disease as most Gluten produced in our country is now GMO, meaning that it is modified from its natural chemical structure to be mass produced.

The human body has been trained since the beginning of times to process natural food sources. We have evolved to tolerate some additives and artificial flavors to a certain extent, but we are not ready yet to receive engineered foods. Our cells don’t recognize those food molecules and don’t know what to do with them, especially when we ingest a lot of them. The result is a state of inflammation that is highly responsible for all sorts of unbalances in the body, including high blood sugars.

The question I often get is: “Doctor if I eliminate carbs, what can I eat then?”
There are so many alternatives to enjoy good nutrition that will make you healthy and happy. You just need to be educated on where to find the products and how to combine them in a tasty way. Amazingly you will eventually discover that the hamburger bun and the donut you had longed for doesn’t taste that good anymore…

The importance of Managing Stress.

When you are under stress, your adrenal glands secrete a hormone called Cortisol which directly rises blood sugars. This is one of the main reason why we make Cortisone treatments as short as possible, and we avoid it as much as possible in diabetic patients.

You may have been eating a low carb and gluten diet, but if you have been going through a stressful time in your life, your blood sugars may suddenly have gone up due to the excess of cortisol.

The way we approach this issue in Anti aging Medicine is by regenerating and balancing your adrenal glands to produce steady amounts of cortisol, and by using very effective stress reduction tools such as breath work.

There is an exercise routine that fits you.

Exercise doesn’t necessarily means lifting heavy weights at the gym every day or running a marathon every week. Although this may fit the lifestyle of some people, you may just want to go for a walk. How much exercise you need is very individual and depends on your own metabolism. Just changing a few habits, like going up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, can get your body to move more and help increase your metabolism.

Eating right, managing stress, and exercising will give you the long term results that will keep your blood sugars controlled.

While you are implementing these lifestyle changes, you need to make sure that your efforts are supported with the right supplementation for you. In Anti Aging medicine we use natural supplements to balance insulin release and help glucose being used efficiently by the cells.

We also look at your overall hormonal function and the medications you are taking, and make the appropriate adjustments so you can achieve full control of your health.

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5 things you should know about Anti Aging Medicine

Anti Aging Medicine is not only about reversing the signs of aging, it also includes Functional medicine which is a new approach to heal and prevent disease that addresses all ages and conditions. Anti Aging Medicine has redefined medicine in the past few years with alternative treatments that have helped resolve many chronic conditions. 

Here are 5 take home points about Anti Aging medicine I would like to share with you. 

1-  Optimal Health

Just because you are generally healthy per your last check up, it does not mean you are living to your full capability. Hormonal balance, Cardiovascular health, Brain function, and Nervous system all play key roles in your everyday life when it comes to energy and wellbeing. Conventional medicine measures your health in numbers in your labs. If they fall above or below a certain range, you will be assigned a diagnosis. In Functional medicine, doctors consider that if your numbers are offset, it is because there is an imbalance in your body. It could be as simple as a lack of a hormone, a nutrient, or sometimes a food intolerance or a parasite. In Anti Aging medicine we go by “optimal” lab numbers – number you should reach for your Optimal Health, and be best protected from illness. If you’re not reaching your optimal numbers, we have to assess why. We look at all the factors that could potentially create the imbalance in your biology, genetics, lifestyle, and even your mindset. We replace what is missing and take toxins away. Your body can then function as it should to make you less prone to infection or disease, to accelerate the healing process, and to make you feel well and energized.

2. Changing your Genes

Although your genetics determine many of your physical traits, it doesn’t mean your genes should dictate how healthy you will be and even how long you will live. 

Even if your family genetics predispose you to certain conditions, especially risk factors for cardiovascular disease like high blood pressure and diabetes, you can prevent them.  According to the new science of Epigenetics, you can actually change the expression of your genes if you adopt the lifestyle that is right for you, take the supplements you need, and balance your hormones.

Knowing your genetic profile is relevant, as certain mutations in your genes such as MTHFR can play a significant role in addressing treatment. That is also true for mental health. In families where Depression and Alzheimer disease prevail, focusing on optimizing brain function and mindfulness can prevent early memory loss.

3. How we Assess Your Biological age

Your Biological age is the one Anti aging medicine goes by to estimate how old you really are. Someone could appear to be forty years old (chronological age) but have the internal health of a seventy year old (biological age).

There are markers that are obtained in blood tests and other screening exams, that can tell how quickly you are growing old. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal was supporting the use of eighteen of those bio-markers to determine biological age. Among them are the Telomeres which are a piece of DNA present in each of the cells in your body. Studies have shown that the length of your telomeres is inversely proportional to your age; the longer your telomeres, the younger you are. Amazingly, studies have also shown that lifestyle, exercise, and relaxation techniques such as meditation and breathing have the most significant impact on telomeres.

So if you live a hectic American life, eating an average american diet, you may age faster than you want to without knowing it. With foods being enhanced by preservatives, sprayed with pesticides and altered by GMOs, our population is more prone to Diabetes, Cardiovascular, and Autoimmune diseases which are all contributing to premature aging. 

Switching to the diet and supplementation that is right for you will help you detoxify those unwanted harmful substances and slow down the aging process.

4. Food is the medicine but…

You can be eating the best organic vegan diet, take the highest grade supplements on the market, but what good are they if you don’t absorb them? Digestive health is one of the most important focus of Anti Aging medicine. Optimally, you want to convert each bite of food and each supplement you ingest into energy that your body can utilize. This can only happen if the foods get processed efficiently and the nutrients are actually delivered to the cells. Your digestive system is a fascinating factory that breaks down foods and extract what’s needed. When its function is disrupted, your cells become deprived and can’t function as well. 

The bacteria that live in your gut also play a big role in helping you absorbing nutrients, but they can be destroyed by antibiotics. Whether you have been put on antibiotic medication or have absorbed the antibiotics the meat is treated with, you need to rebuild these colonies of bacteria in your gut.

The other reason why you wouldn’t be absorbing foods despite an intact digestive system is persistent stress. The brain primitive response to stress is the so called “fight and flight” response. That basically means that you perceive a danger or an emergency and your body is preparing to run away and fight! While this happens the digestive process is either put on hold or accelerated; in both cases, nutrient absorption is affected.

5. Redefining Stress 

You have certainly heard that stress is responsible for many diseases, and that it can even kill you. 

It is not stress itself that directly affects your health, it is how you experience stress and how resilient you are to it. In reasonable doses, stress can actually be stimulating and productive, and in that case it’s called “eustress”, good stress. It only becomes toxic when it is associated with a negative experience in your mind or in your emotions. 

Working on your capacity to become resilient to stress is crucial in 21st century life. There are interventions that can make you less vulnerable to stress, such as supporting your adrenals, your thyroid, and taking a high grade multi vitamin. However the best way you can build resistance to stress is to have a better understanding and control of the connection between your body and your mind. There are tools and programs that we use at Evergreen Medicine that target brain health and mind control, and if used regularly can provide transforming results. Patients report feeling less fatigued, calmer, happier; they also have better blood pressure and weight control, less cravings, and better sleep quality.

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