Cardiovascular disease is one of the main issues in our modern life. Our hectic lifestyle and eating habits, more than our genetics make us more prone to have heart attacks than in less industrialized countries.

Testing for early signs of cardiovascular and nervous system dysregulation can help prevent heart disease later on.


Cardiometabolic Testing

We assess your cardiovascular health both through blood testing and through a non invasive biofeedback device that evaluates the state of your peripheral arteries and your nervous system.

The Cardiometabolic blood test panel provides an overall “heart score” through detailed analysis of your glucose, cholesterol profile, and other markers of inflammation.

The Max Pulse is a medical device that we use to assess heart rate variability and to assess your autonomic nervous system. It shows your overall blood circulation and helps us evaluate unwanted plaque build up in your arteries.

Heart rate variability tells us how your cardiovascular system is adapting to possible stressors.

A healthy person has a balanced autonomic nervous system between sympathetic and parasympathetic function. This test will detect imbalances and assess your stress resistance, which means your own ability to defend your body from the damaging effects of stress.