Declining levels of energy, pain, and vulnerability to illness are not a fate of aging anymore in our technologically advanced area. We have the means to live healthier, happier and vibrant longer lives. As you start regenerating vitality, you will feel your body and your senses regaining vibrance, and your mind becoming clearer. With clarity you will be able to make the choices that are good for you and with more stamina you will have more persistence to stick to those choices and get over a health condition faster. We will guide you on on how to get in touch with your own capacity to self heal and self regenerate, and become less vulnerable to external factors and physiological aging.

Hormone Optimization

The hormones in your body are working together to maintain a healthy equilibrium. They are all interconnected and when we address sex hormones (Estrogen, testosterone, Progesterone), stress hormones (Cortisol, DHEA), or Thyroid hormone, we need to make sure that they are well balanced. Too much or too little of one hormone can offset all the other ones, and start causing symptoms.

When hormones start declining around the age of 35, and even earlier in some cases, so are your energy levels, your metabolism, your brain function, and your immune system. You don’t feel as vibrant and energized as you were in your twenties, and may become more prone to illness.

It’s important to maintain optimal levels of these hormones, which are driving forces in your body, before they become deficiencies. Learn more in the Hormonal Balance section.

Stress Management

You must know by now that stress is responsible for many diseases, and that it can even kill you! It is not stress itself that directly affects your health, it is how you experience stress and how resilient you are to it. In reasonable doses, stress can actually be stimulating and productive, and in that case it’s called “eustress”, good stress. It only becomes toxic when it is associated with a negative experience in your mind or in your emotions.

Working on your capacity to become resilient to stress is crucial in 21st century life. There are interventions that can make you less vulnerable to stress, such as supporting your adrenals, your thyroid, and taking a high grade multi vitamin. However the best way you can build resistance to stress is to have a better understanding and control of the connection between your body and your mind. When you are under stress, your adrenal glands secrete a hormone called Cortisol which directly rises blood sugars. This is one of the main reason why we make Cortisone treatments as short as possible, and we avoid it as much as possible in diabetic patients.

The way we approach this issue in Anti aging Medicine is by regenerating and balancing your adrenal glands to produce steady amounts of cortisol, and by using very effective stress reduction tools such as breath work.


“Detox” is not only a trendy term for a body cleanse, it is actually on of the most important function in your body. When your body is in a good state of balance, it detoxifies naturally by metabolizing whatever you ingest, breathe in or let in through the skin pores.

Your liver is the organ that has the power to transform toxins into harmless substances. When it is overloaded or not functioning properly, the liver looses its ability to detoxify and the body starts being affected by toxins. It can result in headaches, Gi disturbances, but also in more serious illness.

Your body also processes toxins through your elimination system in sweat, urine and feces, and you have to make sure that your kidneys and intestines are functioning well and that you are sweating regularly.
Sometimes toxic substances may accumulate over time and a detox program may be necessary at first to cleanse the body and bring back the balance where detoxification can occur spontaneously. A good detox program should be gentle and replenishing to minimize the side effects of a sudden large toxic load release.

Cellular Regeneration

The focus of Anti Aging Medicine is now on Molecular and Cellular Regeneration. The cells in our body constantly die and new ones are born, meaning that your body completely regenerates periodically. Optimally you want to help your body getting rid of sick cells faster and prevent the growth of “bad”cells. Lately Intermittent Fasting has been gaining more and more credit. Studies show that not only it supports weight loss, it conserves cell energy, removes damaged cells faster, and it also triggers the release of an Anti aging substance called Sirtuin 1.

Hormonal and nutrient balance as well as exercise also play a role in providing a medium where cellular regeneration can be optimized, whereas inflammation in the body can delay this process. There are different schedules of Intermittent Fasting, and they depend on your own individual needs. Most people should at least have a 10 to 12 hr overnight fast to allow their body to build resilience.