Food is the medicine but…we may not live in an environment that supplies it all in a “balanced meal” anymore. The soil where we grow our food is not as rich as it used to be, and the products contain less vitamins; foods are genetically modified and have no more nutritional value other than empty calories. Adding to this picture is our erratic stress filed lifestyle which keep our bodies from absorbing foods properly.

More than ever, in the face of an epidemic of Diabetes, and increasing auto immune issues, we need to understand how to avoid harmful foods, and to take the right natural supplements .

Cell Nutrient Analysis

Testing for nutrients can be done in different ways. When we test in the blood stream (plasma), we find out about the levels of nutrients that circulate in your blood. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are entering the trillions of cells that are responsible for all the functions in your body. In order to be of some use, the nutrients have to end up in your cells. There is a “transport mechanism” that allows this process, and it can be altered by many factors. We use a test that assess the nutrient levels within the cells, and often compare with blood stream results to identify a possible absorption issue.

Weight Management

Do you feel that your body is holding on to extra pounds despite all your efforts? Just like every other function in your body, your weight is conditioned by the way nutrients, hormones, and neurotransmitters are balanced. If you eat less, exercise and still can’t loose the weight, something else is going that is making your body unresponsive. The main issue we see in today’s world is the excess cortisol release that happens with stress. The minds triggers a so called “Fight and Flight” response that tells the body to treat as if there were a life threat. The adrenal glands release cortisol to maintain a survival state that is beyond what is actually needed, and this excess cortisol in the blood stream affects your metabolism and your blood sugars.

When you are already releasing too much cortisol and at the same time working out strenuously and stressing your mind with a rigorous diet, you are putting even more pressure on your adrenal glans. The result is stagnant weight, and sometimes more weight gain. The “yoyo diets” which were so popular in the past have fallen out of favor, as people end up gaining more weight over time. We now understand that keeping an optimal weight requires lifestyle modification.

However the lifestyle should be appropriate for your own body and mind type, and your own likes and dislikes for you to commit to it. Many times we are told to embark in an exercise routine that we don’t enjoy and eat foods that seem tasteless to us, so we give up!

Hormones also play an important role in balancing weight. Undiagnosed thyroid disorders are notorious for altering weight, but also the myth that Estrogens are responsible for weight gain. There are 3 different types of Estrogens, and the ones we use in Bio Identical hormone replacement are actually supportive in weight loss.

Absorption & Gastrointestinal Health

SIBO and Leaky Gut are used as mainstream terms for Gastrointestinal imbalance (GI) and disturbances. As we are becoming more aware of what causes GI symptoms, we aim more at finding the source of the problem and treat it, rather than taking pills to reduce the symptoms and have them recur when the medication is stopped. Besides belly pain, flatulence, nausea, and bowel issues and irregularities, there is a main issue that we have to be aware of when we have GI dysfunction: absorption.

You may be eating the best organic vegan diet, take the highest grade supplements on the market, and it may not make the difference you are expecting in your health. What good are nutrients if you don’t absorb them? Optimally, you want to convert each bite of food and each supplement you ingest into energy that your body can readily utilize. This can only happen if the foods get processed efficiently and the nutrients are actually delivered to the cells. Your digestive system is a fascinating factory that breaks down foods and extract what’s needed. When its function is disrupted, your cells become deprived and can’t function as well.

The bacteria that live in your gut also play a big role in helping you absorbing nutrients, but they can be destroyed by antibiotics. Whether you have been put on antibiotic medication or have absorbed the antibiotics the meat is treated with, you need to rebuild these colonies of bacteria in your gut.

One of the main reasons why you wouldn’t be absorbing those good nutrients is because you are in a state of stress. The foods you feed your mind are equally as important is what is on your plate! When your breathing is shallow because your mind is racing, so is your digestion.

So first of all, take the time to be with your food and appreciate it; think of it as an act of love and self nurturing. When you are really conscious of how you are eating as much as what you are eating, you body opens up to a whole new experience.

Then foods get processed efficiently and nutrients are actually delivered to your cells rather than hanging out in your blood stream and getting eliminated. Your digestive system is a fascinating factory that breaks down foods and extract what’s needed, but it happens best when you fully participate in it with full awareness.