Choose Quality Supplements with High Absorption tested by Physicians

Food is the medicine but… You could be eating the best organic vegan diet, and still lack essential nutrients because the amount you are getting from the foods is not enough, or because you are not absorbing them well. This happens as we age and get sick, but also with stress which causes an upset and leaky gut.

With all the environmental and life changes our world is going through, most people today have low levels of vitamins. We have learned how Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc are essential for our immune system, but they are also needed for many functions in the body.

Hormones and neurotransmitters need specific nutrients to activate their production and release in the bloodstream. This is why we take supplements, especially in a world where we eat a lot of processed foods and the soil is being depleted of vitamins and minerals.

Most people take supplements because they have heard it’s good for them and they feel better when they take them, but they don’t know what it does to the body.
For instance, when you lack Iodine or Selenium, your body cannot produce enough thyroid hormone, and you may feel the effects of a slowed-down metabolism which may manifest with fatigue, brain fog, and weight changes.

When hormones, nutrients, and neurotransmitters are working together in perfect harmony to support body and mind health, we feel more stamina, our brains work more efficiently, our emotions are more stable, and as a result, we feel more joyful. This is because it allows the flow of life energy, which creates vitality.

B vitamins and hormones which are essential for skin and hair renewal are consumed by physical and mental stress. Hair loss and skin changes are common after illness and stressful events. Until the body rebalances itself over time, we can use regenerative topical products to activate the process