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The 3 Key Players in your Health

August 3, 2016

What do you need to know and what steps do you have to take to become free from pain, fatigue, discomfort, and worry? What will it take for you to feel good and energized at all times?

We live in times of major shifts. Our technology based world is evolving at a very fast pace causing increasing demands on us. Every day we receive more emails, more social media material, more text messages, and we feel that we may miss out on something important if we don’t open or answer them. This new configuration of the world is putting huge amounts of stress on us which is so detrimental to our health.

You may feel that you are lacking energy or focus to respond to all the demands you are facing, that you are restless, or even upset. The duration and quality of your sleep may be altered; you may be unable to loose weight despite all your efforts; you may experience headaches, joint pain, back pain, or abdominal discomfort…

This is your body calling for attention, telling you it needs some intervention, and warning you to take action so you can protect yourself from illness.

So what do we do when our environment changes and put stress on us?

We evolve and adapt. History clearly shows that we have been capable of adapting to the changing conditions we have been confronted with. However, the mutations we experienced in history occurred gradually over long periods of time. Today we are called to evolve much faster, and find new tools to transform our genes to build physical and mental stress resistance.

At Evergreen Medicine, we developed a model which incorporates these new tools that you need today so your body can not only adapt, but thrive in our stressful environment.


First, let’s acknowledge that your body is remarkably intelligent. Can you become aware for a minute of your heart beating relentlessly and your lungs expanding and deflating with each breath to keep you alive? What about your brain creating connections between neurons so you can read this blog now?

All these functions are kept under perfect control and timing all day, and even when we sleep. When we are in a state of balance, it all flows like a harmonious symphony.

What happens when you are becoming stressed? The flow of the symphony is disrupted and it results in IMBALANCE.

Stress interferes with your perfectly programmed factory. It may start pulling on nutrient reserves, or decrease hormone production, or it may send you a message that it’s not ok to fall asleep, to process food into energy, or to breathe deeply. All these lead to inflammation which in turn causes fatigue, pain, weight gain, and illness.


There are 3 key players in your health:

Your Body

Your Brain

Your Heart

Imbalance in one of them causes imbalance in the other, therefore we need to address all 3 of them TOGETHER.

Your Mind and Body are connected; what you think directly affects your body and how you feel affects your thoughts. Your mind has a huge impact on your physical health; not only can it keep you from disease, it can also highly contribute to the healing process.

When your mind is balanced, it supports your health rather than attacking it.

It is the same for your heart, the seat of your emotions.

Your Mind, Body, and Heart are interconnected. Your heart has the power to fuel your mind with positive thoughts, which in turn will support your physical health.

We can directly see the physiological effects of stress on the heart. Too much anxiety in the mind accelerate your heart rate, or even causes chest pain. It’s very common to see people ending up in the emergency room with chest pain thinking they are having a heart attack, when they are experiencing stress.

You want to better control your health and give yourself the chance to stay away from disease.

Our programs at Evergreen Medicine create the balance between these 3 key players, and aim to provide fast and lasting results towards Vibrant Health.

Feeling healthy and happy is a life priority. Don’t delay your health anymore. Although it’s never too late to start, you want to become energized and have a better life starting now.

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