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How Do We Work With Patients

December 12, 2016

We can’t ignore that the world is evolving at a very fast pace with the incredible advances in online technology and worldwide expanded communication. The way we relate to healthcare is also part of this continuous shift, and it is changing the practice of medicine. As a patient, you have become more informed about your health options through online access to the multiple sources of shared knowledge. You are now coming to ask your doctors for guidance and support in making the best decisions after having explored and inquired about the recommendations you have found online or heard of. You have taken the lead by asking for your right to be offered choices and your right to choose. At the same time, many physicians have started questioning and transforming conventional ways of addressing health, and exploring other forms of healing that could be less invasive and harmless to their patients.

This shift in medicine is called “a new paradigm”, but it is really bringing together the different healing modalities that have already been practiced, sometimes for thousands of years, in different traditions and places. Anti Aging physicians are just putting together the pieces of a gigantic puzzle to create one integrated medical world where all options can co-exist.

Not every illness can be treated as an emergency with pharmaceuticals and surgery, as they cannot stop the increasing epidemic of chronic diseases. There are certainly instances where only one conventional treatment works, such as an antibiotic for an infection, or a shot of Epinephrine for a life threatening allergic reaction. However if you are dealing with a chronic issue, or trying to prevent an illness, you want a treatment that can provide lasting results.

In the midst of healthcare system changes, you will be looking for the least harmful alternative treatment. You are aware that your health is precious, and that you are in charge of it. You won’t want to take a medication with potential side effects unless you have no other option. You will also want to be more informed on how to live longer and healthier lives, and become more educated about all the new supplements and products on the market. You will need to know which ones are right for you instead of spending money on vitamins and nutrients you don’t need. More importantly, you will pay more attention to the effects of stress on your health, and learn more on how to have better control on the connection between mind and body. At Evergreen Medicine, we have integrated yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic medicine in addition to Bio-identical hormone replacement and supplements to offer you the experience of this integrated medical world.

Along with the different approaches in diagnostic and treatment, comes a whole new practical way to make medical appointments and keep up with your personal medical information. We have an automated online system that allows you to book your appointments and access your patient portal with detailed medical questionnaires, recommendations, and test results. We also offer secured online appointments so you can take care of your health in the fastest convenient way.

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