Dr. Evelyne Leone

Reaching an Unshakable Balance

Introducing Dr. Leone’s latest book release Into the Heart of Health. To achieve harmonious health, we need to bring the mind and body to a less reactive state, where the stress cascade won’t be initiated. This book will open the door to lasting health, longevity, and joy, offering creative new tools to take care of your physical and mental health so you can maintain the strength, vibrancy, and joy. Dr. Leone guides us to the health threshold—the unshakable balance in body, mind, and spirit—with Into the heart of Health

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“In her concept and practice of the Health Threshold, Dr. Leone shows us how mental toxins sabotage our life force and how to find the frequency wave that clears it of illness”
– JEAN HOUSTON, PH.D. , Chancellor of Meridian University, Author of The Possible Human

“Into the Heart of Health is a brilliant book that presents the ultimate foundation for bringing about permanent cures, reversing the aging process, overcoming physical, mental or emotional challenges.”
– Dr. JOSEPH MICHAEL LEVRY, CEO of Rootlight, Author of The Divine Doctor

The unshakable balance in mind, body and emotions

“Over the years, in my Functional Medicine practice, I have helped patients reach their health threshold by balancing hormones and neurotransmitters and by replacing missing nutrients. They would feel better, their aches and pains would go away, they would regain their energy, sleep better and their health would improve. However, I was constantly faced with the issue that when they were having stress, it could offset this balance overnight. They wouldn’t absorb and benefit from the supplements as well, their energy levels would decrease and their immune system would weaken. I realized that we can become sick even with adequate lab levels of hormones, nutrients, and neurotransmitters, because under stress these cannot be well absorbed into the cells to be utilized appropriately. The fact that there was a process happening beyond test results was proof that our state of mind has a very powerful impact on our physical health. I had to take my patients to a higher, stronger and more durable state of health, so they could stop this Stress Cascade that was sabotaging their health.”
– DR. EVELYNE LEONE, Into the Heart of Health.

In Into the Heart of Health, Dr. Leone, describes the steps to lasting vibrant health. It will take you into the discovery of what a Miraculous Factory your body is and what an amazing tool your mind is. Knowledge is power and nothing is more important than knowing thyself.

Reaching Your Health Threshold

Reaching Your Health Threshold